Meet the Elements of Harmonies:

Ben Tenderheart - Element of Tenderness
Ben was previously the lead singer-songwriter of of indie folk band "indigo lullabies." One day when Ben was in an abandoned train yard, taking polaroids of old graffiti and broken glass bottles, he saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky. He then realized that while one color was beautiful, a whole bunch of colors is even more beautiful. Henceforth he began looking for others to form a new musical group with.

Ben Lancer - Element of Rhythm
Ben graduated from Canterlot Dance Academy with a major in Popping and a minor in Locking. His favorite forms of dance are Urban Fusion and Crab Disco. During an impromptu dance to the death with a rival street gang, an explosion in the sky ricocheted off of Ben, knocking him off balance, causing his acrobatic body to fall through a sewer drain. A bright explosion of color was able to lead Ben out of the dark sewer, and coincidentally into the office of a major record label.

Ben Ji-Hoon - Element of Never Letting You Go
Ben was formerly a renowned pop star in Pony-Korea. He has appeared in several major motion pictures, including Fast Cars Slide Fast and Fast Cars Slide Faster: Wheels Vroom. One day, Ben saw a trail of colors stretching out into the horizon. He followed it over the sea (by jumping his car over a large ramp), and it led him to the first rehearsal of the fledgling pop group.

Francis Sparkle - Element of Hunkiness
Francis is is the frontman of the group. He enjoys long surfs on the beach, grinding rails, and eating corndogs. His sister is none other than Celestia's favorite student and #1 fan, Twilight Sparkle. One day while Francis was surfing, a rainbow explosion caught the water of the crashing wave in front of him, the light of it creating a million more rainbows. Francis then saw how attractive he was in the reflection of the water and knew he could be famous.

Francis Danger - Element of Edginess
Francis is a stallion of mystery. One day there was a great explosion of rainbows, and out from the blast rode Francis on a flaming motorcycle. When asked where he came from, all he said was, "I'm in this band now." And he could disappear at a moment's notice too, just like that. Gone.

BBBFF's musical career is managed by the brilliant and mysterious billionaire Dr. Dragonshy, who hoards away all the band's finances where it can be kept safe. Said band member Ben Tenderheart, "I don't know what we'd do without Dr. Dragonshy... he's always been just like a father to me - the world's best dad." The band enjoyed nearly 5 years at the top of the charts, until one tragic night. While performing at the Annual PMV awards in Whinnyanapolis, a pyrotechnics accident set fire to bandmate Francis Danger, horribly disfiguring his face and body. "I was young and reckless... I wanted to live life fast and loose. I thought I was immortal" says Francis, "I was fearless, but also foolish." Francis continued; "I flew too close to the sun, and I got burned. I thought I could laugh at death... what was I thinking... oh god... oh god what have I done." Catching his own reflection in a mirror, Francis later commented: "NOOO!! Get it away from meeee... get it awaaaay..." Doctors stated that he would not get his groove back without intense physical therapy, and BBBFF was forced to cancel their remaining tour dates.